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I have a BA, MA, and Doctorate in English language teaching. I have experience teaching English in higher education and other settings in the U.S., Vietnam, and China for over 15 years. I've published and presented widely in the areas of English language teaching and international education. I'm also the Founder and CEO of Eduling International, which offers language instruction and services, including courses, conversation exchange programs, printed materials, and an app called Eduling Speak.


I'm looking for partners to distribute my newly released app, so please email me if you'd like to partner up. I'm open to talking with venture capitalists about taking the Eduling Speak app to a global scale with millions of users.  


Both the monolingual English-only book and the bilingual English-Vietnamese book are available on Amazon and other online retailers. Check out the official page for the book.

A big theme through little things
Hot, cold. Yes, no! Push, pull. Gentle, forceful. This rhyming bilingual picture book is based on simple opposite concepts and utterances from a child in the early years of her life. Vividly illustrated, they also point to the differences in her transracial, adoptive family’s physical features (hair, size, and skin color). The book is perfect for young children learning new words and discovering the differences and similarities in all of us.

Một chủ đề lớn qua những điều bé nhỏ
Kéo cưa, lừa xẻ. Nhẹ nhàng, mạnh mẽ! Truyện tranh song ngữ có vần điệu này dựa trên những từ trái nghĩa và những câu nói trái ngược nhau (như thể là trò kéo cưa ngôn ngữ vậy) của một em bé. Với những minh họa đầy màu sắc, chúng cũng chỉ ra những khác biệt bề ngoài (tóc, hình thức, và màu da) trong gia đình đa chủng tộc của em. Cuốn sách này rất phù hợp cho những em nhỏ đang học nói và học đọc cũng như giúp các em khám phá những điều khác biệt và tương đồng trong tất cả chúng ta.



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Being first of its kind and endorsed by leading experts in the field of task-based language teaching, Eduling Speak connects English learners to complete a task or game together by speaking in English. You can simply turn on the app, choose a task or game, and wait to be connected with another learner from anywhere in the world. It's convenient, effective, and fun. With 5-10 minutes of talking a day, improvements are guaranteed.

Key features:

  • It’s task-based: You have to talk to complete a task

  • It’s gamified, engaging, and fun

  • It’s interactive: You interact with the app and with another English speaker

  • It’s like Netflix of tasks and games for you to choose from

  • It’s borderless: It connects you with other English speakers from any location

  • It provides you endless speaking opportunities

  • It improves your fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills

How to use the app:

  • Sign up as a Learner, Parent, or Educator

  • Browse through our vast display of tasks and games in different categories

  • Choose a task with a topic you’re interested in, in your age group, and at your proficiency level

  • Wait to be connected with another English speaker - You may also ask a friend to start the task with you to get connected with your friend

Task-based language teaching:
Task-based language teaching is an approach in language teaching that helps you to use English authentically and meaningfully based on a task. With a task, you have a reason to communicate. Like solving a puzzle, you also need to have an outcome at the end of the task. This approach has been recognized and embraced by governments, publishers, and teachers all over the world. Eduling Speak tasks and games are designed by top content experts. Complete a few tasks and games a day, and it’s guaranteed that you will improve your fluency and language skills.

Games in language learning:
We gamify all of the tasks in the app to give you extra motivation and enjoyment while using the app. You’ll have instant feedback and can track your progress over time.


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