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I have a BA, MA, and Doctorate in English language teaching. I have experience teaching English in higher education and other settings in the U.S., Vietnam, and China for over 15 years. I have also taught graduate level courses in language teacher education. I have 10 years of supervisory experience in higher education in the U.S. I've published and presented widely in the areas of English language teaching and international education. I currently work as Director of Eduling International Academy, which offers online English courses and teacher training opportunities. I am open to collaborating with colleagues on research, teaching, and business related to English language teaching. My CV can be downloaded below.


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My Youtube channel shares simple ideas in short videos in teaching and learning English that teachers and students can easily implement. Subscribe if you'd like to see new videos.


The book compiles over 30 essays written by 30 Vietnamese authors, including myself, about experience learning and living away from our home country. Click on the image for more information.


The book shares strategies to be better language learners, find scholarships and apply to college abroad, improve academic presentation skills, communicate with professors, and more. CLICK HERE to purchase or rent a copy.

I and my co-researchers, Sachiko Nakamura and Hayo Reinders, contributed a chapter to this book. This book defines engagement for the field of language learning and contextualizes it within existing work on the psychology of language learning and teaching. CLICK HERE for more information.