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My blurb at a Human Library event

I grew up in poor Vietnam during the time of isolation, economic stagnation, and extreme scarcity of everyday necessities and commodities. Education was seen as the only way for me to escape the impoverished countryside and find a brighter future. I was sent to live with my aunt in a small city so I could attend better schools there. During those years, despite excelling at school, I was, in my naïve mind, constantly tormented for not achieving enough or being extraordinary enough. After college, higher education brought me to the U.S. (and love and marriage made me stay). My journey from childhood to the present has been a continuous pursuit of higher learning, culminating in my recently earned doctorate. I have also grown in other aspects of who I am: an educator, a mentor, a role model, a published author, an engaged employee, and an active member of professional communities. I am happy with where I am and realize that my transition as an immigrant to the U.S. has been rather easy in comparison to others’. However, I also share the struggles to belong and be included. I am looking for ways to be engaged in the local and larger communities as well as find bigger meaning in my life and work and tranquility in my restless mind. 


Online dissertation defense across four countries in three continents 


With my students in Japan



English language teaching and learning

International student experience

Global learning

Intercultural competence

Curriculum development

Online English teaching 

Leadership in international education 

EdD in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Anaheim University, USA 

MA in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Penn State University, USA 

BA in English Education
University of Foreign Languages and International Studies, Vietnam


Gardening helps me to relax, and I love to see things grow and blossom. 

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